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Praise for True Woman 101

“Identity, definition, and design–God’s design–are increasingly minimized if not ignored. We are building a legacy of gender competition and confusion. But God has called us to embrace and celebrate who He created us to be. That’s why this resource is such a timely, wonderful gift. This eight-part study will refresh and encourage your heart. This is liberating stuff!”
Crawford Loritts, Senior Pastor of Fellowship Bible Church
“Divine Design is a must-use resource for every congregation in North America. In a culture where diversity is celebrated, the beautiful diversity of biblical manhood and womanhood has been marred and discredited. My dear friends Mary and Nancy reclaim the true picture of God and His love for humanity as seen in His design for our womanhood!”
“‘Good’ is the word God used to describe His finished creation. Nancy Leigh DeMoss and Mary Kassian are good women, good friends, and together they have written a good book. Like most of us, distractions lure my eyes from following God’s way for my life. I need reminders, redirection, reconciliation. This book will help every woman who reads it follow Jesus more closely. And in the end readers will say, as God did, ‘It is very good.’”
Barbara Rainey, FamilyLife
“One of the best compliments a woman can receive is, ‘She feels comfortable in her own skin.’ I want to be that woman, don’t you? If you do, then True Woman 101 will help you become her! As you learn about and embrace God’s design, you’ll get a dramatic makeover from the inside-out and will transform your womanhood into something you’re far more than just ‘comfortable’ with; something worth celebrating!”
“It happened so fast: the unique gifting of men’s and women’s distinctive roles has been erased. Political correctness broke into the church and vandalized the Scripture. Tragically, the church has been deceived. But there is hope. Nancy Leigh and Mary provide teaching to reframe the views clearly from God’s unfailing Word. Don’t let the world teach you theology. Dig in and learn.”
Dr. Michael Easley, Former President, Moody Bible Institute; Leader Pastor, Fellowship Bible Church, Brentwood, TN
“True Woman 101 is a discipleship resource that combines biblical principles of womanhood with practical applications. The daily readings make you feel as if you are sitting at your kitchen table having coffee with Mary and Nancy. These Titus 2 women take us to the grace of the gospel. They show us Jesus, the One who transforms us into true women.”
Susan Hunt, Author and Speaker
“True Woman 101: Divine Design provides something every modern woman needs: a wake-up call and practical help to live life as a woman of God, rather than (without realizing it) as a woman of the culture.”
Shaunti Feldhahn, Author, Speaker, and Columnist
“True Woman 101: Divine Design lays a thorough and biblical foundation for the topic of biblical womanhood. I highly recommend it for any women serious about displaying the glory of God in her distinctive role as a women.”
Mary Delk, Women's Ministry Director, Bethlehem Baptist Church (Minneapolis, MN)
“True Woman 101 gives women what they chiefly need—an extreme makeover of the interior not the exterior! I appreciate the thorough content which drives home the message that true womanhood is about emanating the beauty and grace of Jesus Christ for the glory of God. When a coalition of humble, intentional women began to radiate from the inside out, the world will sit up and take notice that the gospel isn’t phony, it’s the real deal.”
Leslie Bennett, Former Director of Women's Ministries, Currently Revive Our Hearts Southeast Regional Ambassador
“I was in my late twenties and pregnant with my first child before I ever heard the term ‘biblical womanhood.’ The idea that God’s Word could be the guide for how I should define myself as a woman, wife, and mom, daughter and friend was such a relief to me. In this book, Nancy and Mary present God’s plan for biblical womanhood in a way that is powerful and applicable. They will help you understand you roles and embrace your unique calling as a woman. I only wish I had read it sooner.”
“After years of helping women sort out lies from truth regarding our womanhood, Mary and Nancy’s True Woman 101: Divine Design will lead women into God’s Word to discover these truths for themselves. Beginning with Genesis, they help women understand their God-created design and then guide us to practical applications of these life-changing truths. As a women’s ministry director, I am eager to use this study to equip and encourage the women in my own church.”
Linda Green, Women's Ministry Director, The Orchard (Arlington Heights, IL)
“The Lord has given Mary and Nancy a message for women that clearly defines womanhood, how she should live, and what purpose God has designed her to fulfill. If you are a woman anywhere between 18 and 108, this book has a specific and personal message for you!”
Debbie Stuart, Director of Women's Ministry, Prestonwood Baptist Church (Plano, TX)