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Praise for True Woman 201

“The need has never been greater for a practical, biblical, and faithful presentation of true biblical womanhood. Mary Kassian and Nancy Leigh DeMoss team up to write a work that will be immediately helpful to Bible studies and especially to the local church. True Woman 201 will be a great help to all Christian women. As the society grows ever more confused, the need for clarity and faithfulness among Christians looms even larger. The faithful work of Mary Kassian and Nancy Leigh DeMoss will stand the test of time, and will serve as a most timely resource for womens’ Bible study.”
“These are confusing times—times in which the very concept of gender is suddenly up for debate. Yet amid the confusion, the Bible stands firm, determining and defining biblical manhood and womanhood. The True Woman movement and books are a precious breath of fresh air that simply look to God’s Word to gain God’s perspective. By showing women what the Bible says about womanhood, Nancy Leigh DeMoss and Mary Kassian set women free to be true women—the women God has both designed and called them to be.”
“Extreme make-over programs are as popular as they are on TV because everyone loves to see dramatic change—whether it’s weight loss, the clothes we wear, or a completely remodeled home. But the most powerful change of all is the transformed heart of a woman who has allowed herself to be completely ‘made over’ by the Great Designer Himself. If you want to be such a woman, open the pages of this book and allow God to put fresh paint on the walls of your heart.”
“I am thankful for Mary and Nancy—for their character, courage, and commitment to Christ. Knowing who they are, I’m not surprised that this book is full of discernment, full of personal application, and full of the Bible. Women will not only hear a faithful and clear call to biblical womanhood in these pages, they will see why biblical womanhood is good and meet the One who calls them to it.”
“True Woman 201: Interior Design is an exciting ten-week study filled with solid biblical truth, insightful content, and opportunities for personal reflection—all presented in a beautiful format. Mary Kassian and Nancy DeMoss have provided an excellent resource for those who seek to understand how to glorify God through their womanhood. The women at my church can’t wait to dig into this!”
“True womanhood isn’t for sissies! It takes equal parts grit and grace to live out God’s design for womanhood in our times. True Woman 201 is the manual we all need to understand God’s plan for our womanhood clearly and know how to walk it out in meaningful and practical ways.”
“Titus 2 discipleship just became practical! Nancy and Mary’s True Woman 101 offered foundational teaching on womanhood, but this Bible study takes it to the level where we live it out. It’s not only one of the best Bible studies you’ll ever use, it’s a beautiful one and that makes it even more fun.”
“Nancy and Mary have done it again! True Woman 201 is another gospel-centered resource to equip us to be true women who reflect the biblical truth of womanhood. I am grateful for the Lord’s call on their lives and for their obedience to His call.”
Susan Hunt, Author and Speaker
“If you have ever wondered what biblical womanhood looks like here is your answer. Mary Kassian and Nancy Leigh DeMoss have written and designed a compelling study. Rooted in Titus 2, True Woman 201: Interior Design is refreshingly clear and understandable. The practical applications will cause these truths to wrap around the heart and bring hope and transformation. Thank you Mary and Nancy. What a treasure!”
Dr. Crawford Loritts, Author, Speaker, Radio Host
“Few books have shaped my life and leadership like True Woman 101, and now the sequel will no doubt drive me further in my spiritual journey. As a Director of Women’s Ministry for over twenty years these are a MUST for every Bible Study program. They teach Truth. They emphasize not only the practical and useful but the biblical design and instruction God desires for women. These are powerful resources that will transform a woman’s thinking and living in a culture that contradicts the true meaning of a woman.”
Debbie Stuart, Director of Ministry Initiatives
“Nancy DeMoss and Mary Kassian are contemporary gurus when it comes to addressing the subject of biblical womanhood. This brand-new Bible Study, as their 2010 course, is based on sound teaching as well as rich personal experience, and culminates in meaningful life applications. Those women who will embrace this study opportunity, whether personally or in a group, will find helpful instruction and persuasive encouragement as they begin or continue a journey from sitting at the feet of the Savior and to all He has called them to be and to do.”
Dorothy Kelley Patterson, Professor of Theology in Women’s Studies Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
“True Woman 201 celebrates women and the beautiful elements of design that make us female. Titus 2 is often referred to as the roadmap for woman-to-woman ministry, but few women have delved into the rich depths of this often quoted passage. Mary Kassian and Nancy Leigh DeMoss provide a deep, biblically sound study with a modern design that will draw any woman to its message. True Woman 201 fills a significant void in women’s discipleship and will be a valuable resource for the church, small group, and individual study.”
Terri Stovall, Dean of Women's Programs and Assistant Professor of Women's Ministry Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Fort Worth, TX
“My first reaction to True Woman 201 was simply the beauty of the artwork and design of the study. I was literally ‘drawn into’ the study by its sheer appearance. But what I discovered is that this is not just a pretty design. It is the beauty of God’s Word that is engrained into the fiber of every lesson. This study is not just nice words or stories from Kassian and DeMoss, but it is the divine revelation from God for women to live out their calling through the Gospel.”
Kelly King, Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma Women's Specialist
“DeMoss and Kassian have done it again—True Woman 201: Interior Design is a welcome companion to the tremendous look at biblical womanhood found in True Woman 101: Divine Design! Timely, practical, and thoroughly engaging in its presentation of the timeless truths found in Titus 2, this Bible study provides insightful answers to some of the biggest questions about biblical womanhood that women are asking today. The ten aspects of a countercultural Christian woman examined in this book invite the reader to embark on a significant journey through Scripture and offers real-world applications no matter a woman’s season of life.”
Candi Finch, Assistant Professor of Theology in Women’s Studies Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
“Hooray! True Woman 201 blows away the cultural smoke that has clouded our vision of womanhood and allows the radiant clarity of God’s truth to sparkle. Paul’s instruction to Titus is as relevant as ever for women who live to illumine the gospel by shining the spotlight on our beloved bridegroom, Jesus.

“I need a heart renovation . . . but I am not alone. As women surrender to the gentle shaping of the Master Designer as instructed by Nancy Leigh DeMoss and Mary Kassian in True Woman 201, precious gospel truths shine through their lives like brilliant diamonds in a dark, degenerate world.

“Churches are begging for this resource to equip women! True Woman 101 and True Woman 201 together form the foundation every woman must have if she longs to glorify and delight in God to the fullest.”

“Through True Woman 201, Interior Design, Mary and Nancy have once again provided a valuable resource for women seeking to find their way in a culture that has lost its moral bearings. Unless we line our interior life up with the Word of God, we will try in vain to change our actions. Thank you for teaching truth and leading women to celebrate womanhood and to live it out in a way that honors the gospel. May this study be a tool to challenge women to stand for truth and may the True Woman Revolution ignite and spread!”
Donna Gaines, Pastor's wife and author of Leaving Ordinary: Encounter God Through Extraordinary Prayer